Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most-frequently asked questions into this sheet. Feel free to if you have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until the game will be released?

FoA2 isn't likely to be released in the near future. Since we are under no time constraints, the best answer is that it will take as long as it takes. We are aware that there is widespread interest in a prompt release, but we have come to the conclusion that only this approach will enable us to realize the vision we have in mind. This is our very own stab at a faithful rendition of the original atmosphere and immersion of Fate of Atlantis, and we want to do it properly.

I can't wait! Is there a way to speed up progress?

Regrettably, no. Patience is a virtue.

Will you be hiring new team members?

The team's all set for the forthcoming tasks. We shall be recruiting new members--especially graphic artists--at a later stage. Vacant positions will be announced on this website, as well as via our newsletter. You can always if interested; we'll keep you in mind in case open positions become available.

How will the game be distributed?

The game will be available for download through fast mirrors. There are no plans to distribute CDs or some other type of media.

Where can I buy the game? What will it cost?

FoA2 will be freeware. Our project is a non-commercial fan effort. No financial contributions (including donations) will be accepted.

What are the system requirements?

FoA2 is, by all means, a retrogaming project. This means that virtually all machines running present-day applications will be able to run the game smoothly. For people who actually want to play the game on a retro PC, we're looking at something in the region of a P-II 350.

Which platforms will FoA2 run on?

Basically, the engine will run on every platform that is supporting the GNU C++ compiler, as well as the respective libraries (SDL, Stackless Python, etc.). This includes MS Windows and all Unix flavors, such as Linux or OS X.

Which of the familiar characters will make an appearance?

Set to be included are Sophia Hapgood, Marcus Brody, and Sallah. We also get a lot of questions about Henry Jones, Sr. The answer is "definitely maybe".

When does the story take place?

FoA2 picks up five years after FoA, in the autumn of 1944. (You can find a somewhat longer synopsis in the story section.)

What else can you tell us about the story?

We have prepared a number of story-related texts in the story section. Aside from that, we pretty much intend to keep the plot under wraps.

Will FoA2 re-use the three-paths system?

Yes. A substantial part of the game will feature three separate paths for enhanced replayability.

Playing time and difficulty?

We're striving hard to top both of these. The game will be balanced based on the typical difficulty and length of LEC's graphic adventures from the early 90s, with a special focus on replayability (both through the "paths" system and in general).