Music & SFX

FoA2 will feature wavetable music and sound effects. Music will be used more sparsely; in order to enhance immersion a number of locations will rely on a sound effects soundscape. As a result there will be less looping of tracks, however the score is still going to be an ambient one that 'reacts' to player actions or trigger events.

Music Samples

This is a selection of musical pieces by our composer, . He has added comments for several of them.

  • audio Colossus Escape (1:44)
    A test for music to be played during the Colossus escape sequence (see Intro/Teaser Trailer Draft, Spoilers!). Composer's notes: "Such fast-paced orchestrations are highly intricate; programming a whole orchestra isn't exactly an easy task."
  • audio Jones, Your Time Has Come (0:26)
    Composer's notes: "Indy faces an uncertain fate in the hands of his enemies."
  • audio Bad Guy Theme (1:06)
    Composer's notes: "Every hero needs a nemesis! And there couldn't be a proper nemesis without its own theme. So it never hurts to have a little dark march to accompany their evil machinations... After all, what would Darth Vader be without the Imperial March?"
  • audio Raiders March (excerpt) (0:31)
    Composer's notes: "A light version of the Raiders March, to be cued to the pace of Indy's first steps into a new, exciting adventure."
  • audio Travel Map theme (looping) (0:53)
    This is the tune to be played whenever the travel map is displayed.
  • audio Travel Map theme (red line cue) (0:15)
    Concluding part of the theme after a travel destination has been selected.