The race for Atlantis will take Indy across the world to locations such as Egypt, Tibet, and the Andes. Without wanting to reveal too much, this section provides a few glimpses at the plot.


Fate of Atlantis 2 will be set five years after the original. In the autumn of 1944, as World War Two gradually draws to a close, the Nazis are desperately clutching at straws in order to prevent the inevitable. The fabled city of Atlantis, believed by both Indy and his adversaries to have been destroyed in 1939, still awaits discovery, having withstood the millennia in complete isolation. Its relics and ancient forces, contained for eons, may well destroy humanity in case they should ever escape. When they learn of their earlier misapprehension, the Nazis hasten to turn the tide of the war by doing exactly this: Unleash the powers of the Lost City...

Further Reading

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  • Intro/Teaser Trailer Draft (Spoiler Warning)
    FoA2 will commence with a non-interactive intro trailer, to provide continuity between the two games. This trailer is also set to be released as a non-interactive demo ("Teaser Trailer") prior to the full game's release. We have posted its draft, to show how FoA and FoA2 will be connected.
  • Story Revision Proposal (Spoiler Warning)
    A proposal for the enemy's primary motif to find Atlantis. While detailed, we will neither confirm nor deny its inclusion in the present story draft ;-)